What are Modd Coins?

Modd Coins are our in-game currency which allows creators like you to monetize your games. Add skins, items, prizes, and more to purchase in your games, and you can cash out your Modd Coins for real money.

Modd Coins for Cash

You can now convert your Modd Coins directly into real money! You earn coins for every transaction within your game (Moddio takes a 10% transaction fee).

The minimum payout amount is $20. Payments are currently made via Paypal, with other payment options coming soon.

How to Use Modd Coins in Your Games

Modd Coins are a great way to offer cosmetics within your games. You decide on how much skins or items sell for. Or you can add prizes as a way to incentivize players.

Head over to Moddio to explore our game editor and start earning income from your games!